Feb 26, 2009
The sky is falling down.
Whoa. More snow... nice. Or not.

I'm in love with everything
With every face I've ever seen
And every place I've ever been
Has left it's mark upon my worries

I color in the world I see
I pick apart the melody
'cause maybe there's a symphony
Caught inside but there's no way out

And the sky is falling down
And there's an angel on the ground
It's getting colder
I'm standing looking down
There's not a sound around the town
It's getting colder

I would show everything
But everything is too extreme
We'll wait and see the entropy
At the end when we all stop lying but the sky is falling down
And there's an angel on the ground
It's getting colder
I'm standing looking down
There's not a sound around the town
It's getting colder

The sky is falling down
And there's an angel on the ground
It's getting colder
I'm standing looking down
There's not a sound around the town
It's getting colder

The sky is falling down
And all the people on the ground
Are getting colder
I'm standing looking down again
But you can't help me now
I'm getting colder.

It's Travis - Colder, such a love...

Peace the fuck out.
I hate long breaks. Expecially with One Tree Hill. I saw the promos and, hell, how am I supposed to wait 3 more weeks for a new episode? Well atleast I can watch season 4 and 5 again on my computer... And make videos :D I actually made this one few days ago.

And now I'm gonna make breakfast for myself... It's more than 1 pm here, I slept little late, ugh.

Feb 24, 2009
I'm not a soldier.
So that was funny... You should have seen the conversations that I had with my friend at MSN during the Oscars... Hahaha. Tomorrow I'm planning to go shopping, later this week I'm gonna hang out with my friend also at city. And next month we're gonna go seeing that Slumdog Millionaire, it seems to be interesting movie. I guess I could buy The Fray's new cd then too, it comes out here March 11th and that movie March 13th.

I btw really love this song from The Killers, video is awesome too:

Feb 21, 2009
Big chair, big chair, big chair.
Maybe hot chocolate and "Shrove bun" wasn't the best idea... Little too much sugar at the same time, I guess? Uh.

Have I btw mentioned that I just love Travis' music videos? Especially these, Closer is also awesome but I can't link it here... But you watch it here.

I still have to wait like over six hours untill the Oscars starts. I don't have anything to do... Or I do, but none on those things feels exciting right now. Bwah.

Happy to hang around...
I had like the sweetest dream last night... I stayed up until it was something like 2 am, making that video about OTH's Lucas and Peyton. I guess I got some influences from that, since in my dream I was Peyton and lying in my room. But my bed and whole room was in a boat, on the deck of cruise ship, you know? I tried to take pictures of the blue sky with my camera but I didn't get any good since everytime I tried to have a seagull in the picture it flew away. So I called to Lucas, who was standing on the lower deck in a uniform(he looked really hot in my dream btw). I asked if he could help me to take some pictures of the seagulls. Meanwhile I was zooming the camera to his face since I saw him from my bed. He said that it would be just fine. But before he came up there, my mum woke me up. Damn.

I actually woke first time at 12 am but fell asleep again, had this awesome dream and then woke at 2 pm. I made some pizza for us, it was really good actually. I didn't know I can make so delicious pizza! Now I'm maybe gonna read, draw or perhaps work on that video again. But whatever, I can just lay around a week if I want. Which is awesome.

That picture is btw taken at Stockholm last summer, we visited there. Pretty awesome weather! And so much more to do than here. Shopping was actually what I mostly did... I wanna visit there again, I've got to talk my mum about it.

Feb 20, 2009
We can live like Jack and Sally if we want!
Well this is getting kinda ridiculous... We didn't have teacher in four subjects because over 10 of the teachers is sick. Plus our art-teacher had already travelled to Florida for vacation and substitute teacher didn't arrive until 15 minutes before the double period was over. And yeah, more than half of my class was sick too. Few of them stayed at home, few left home middle of the day and some of them stayed at school whole day. Happy winter holiday for you guys, staying at home in bronchitis... I'm glad that I already was sick few weeks ago. I can't get flu again, can I?

Anyway, it's holiday for me now, guys! We're planning to stay up all night with my friend on Sunday. Since the Oscars are coming at 3 am here(time-lag, you know), we're going to hang out at Messenger chatting about it. And watching it of course, too.

Feb 19, 2009
West was all but won.
We spent most of the comic-course laughing as always. And we watched two hours this movie called Sahara, it was pretty good though we couldn't watch it entirely since our math class was over.

But I'm pretty excited, I had this idea at morning. I got inspired from The Fray's new song, You Found Me, so I'm soon gonna start working on these few drawings. Maybe today, we'll see.

There was snowing yesterday so there's like 2 inches more snow now. And more is coming, I bet it's gonna be beautiful when it's time for winter holiday(after tomorrow, yay).

Feb 18, 2009
Go to sleep.
"Mmmh... hi."
"Did I wake you up?"
"I though you're going to school at eight."
"I am."

Yeah, I slept little too late(well, two hours) so I went to school at ten. But that's okey, I wasn't very excited about home economics anyway.

I've been addicted to hot chocolate, as you may have noticed. It's just so awesome if you want something sweet but you don't have candy.

And I seriously want some cd's from Matchbox Twenty. What I've listened their music at Youtube, they're pretty awesome band. Maybe I should soon visit at some record shop again... Next week, we're having a winter holiday then. One week, thank God. I need some sleep. But after that we're having two tests, Swedish and physics. I'm just glad that Swedish test isn't that nationwide one yet. It's just sick, I can't handle that huge exam... We're having same kind of big exam in English and math to. Speaking of, I got 9- from English test. Best is 10 and I didn't really read to this test so think it went pretty well.

Feb 16, 2009
The Beautiful Occupation
Okay, I've got to say, Finland is a beautiful place sometimes. When I stepped out of the door yesterday I noticed that sun was shining from a blue sky and it was snowing. Yeah, both at the same time. But ground was icy and it was really cold so I was right about those two. And I was in hurry, even when I ran down an icy hill to the other door(school's other door was locked already, suprise) it didn't erase the fact that have now second note from being late. Damn, one more and I'm gonna be in detention. And we were practising first-aid in health education, it was funny to pretend being injured :D

But if yesterday was cold, today I though for a second that I was living in the north pole. Yeah, sky was blue again but there was -20 C°(-4 F°). You know, so cold that when you step outside your hair goes white and frozen. And we had math test, it was just horrible. I couldn't understand pretty much anything, all those proportions and equations... But we got to be on computers one hour, me and my friend were dying there. We laughed so hard that we were almost crying.

And we were walking through city yesterday with my other buddy, we visited at few record shops. I bough few cd's from Travis, The Killers and Radiohead. They were pretty cheap actually... And I had like the best hot chocolate ever at this one cafe, yummy!

I said, "Where've you been?" He said, "Ask anything."
Ugh... I hate Mondays.

Luckily my Mondays start always at 10 am, not 8 am like pretty much every day. Except Tuesday, then I go school at 9 am. Now it's like 7.40 am... And even inside is cold, I heard that there is about -12 C°(10,4 °F) outside. Did I mention I hate winter? And there is not even snow very much, just ice so there is so slippery.

I've been making videos by iMovie almost whole weekend. Well, Saturday we did have my uncle and his wife visiting at us(God, why do they drink wine so much? I know it was my mum's birthday at Friday but still) and after that I went out with my friend. We were walking around her neighbourhood, funny that I haven't really been around there before. There was only -4 °C(24,8 °F) but after like a hour I couldn't feel my fingers anymore so we went to her house. Though I did get some cool photos before that...

Oh and when I was coming home, some old guys who were drunk and live near our house were following me. My sister told me before that they talked to her and said that they've seen her running next to their house pretty much every day and they wanted to sent greetings to our mum. I heard those guys saying stuff like "That girl is younger and smaller than the one who walked by before..." so I totally freaked out when I heard steps behind me. Thank God they didn't follow me to our house so I got home safely. Some freaky guys live around here, ugh... Another reason why I want get out of here, when you walk in the dark streets alone at night you can't be far from freaking out.

Now I should probably go getting ready for school. And I should eat something before that, I did drink already coffee but I can't eat anything very early 'cause then I would be really hungry at school since we don't have lunch until 11.30 am.

Btw, I'm like in love with The Fray's You Found Me, that's actually the song I'm making video for. About One Tree Hill, I'll send it here too when it's ready. I have full idea in my head but I'm gonna have to wait a bit longer since I'm not getting clips to all seasons yet... And iMovie is jamming all the time.

Feb 13, 2009
"Happy Valentine's day!" "Aren't you kinda early?"
We had kinda early Valentine's day today, we were ment to wear pink and some people had "hug-passes" which means that you ask people to hug you and then write their name on a paper. Who gets most names gets an award. And at lunch we got strawberry ice creams(pink, you know?). There were also "vanhojen tanssit" aka "seniordances" where seniors of upper secondary school learn some dances, wear beautiful dresses and suits and go around schools to dance to us. In last dance they come to audience and pick dance partners there. Luckily we were sitting in middle of the tier so they couldn't pick me - thank God, I suck at dancing. It was funny that noticed this one guy who didn't have dancing shoes like everyone else. He had Converses instead and it kinda catched my eye. Well, looked like he had fun atleast by the faces he made. Funny :D

So we went out for a dinner with my mum and sister, they got on my nerves but finally it all went well. I ate pizza but it wasn't the best pizza I've eaten at Rosso. I adore more like pizza with thick pizza crust(pannpizza or whatever it's in English).

Tomorrow my uncle and his wife are coming for a lunch and I'm also planning to watch P.S. I Love You and eating a lot of chocolate. Yay!

Picture is by .. , ^ & ICE DESERT & ^ , .. at Flickr

Feb 12, 2009
My chocolate dreams...
You know what I love? Huge mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top and english test that went really well. Oh, and I got K- from my Finnish book essay. K means like number 9 between 4-10(and 10 is best, of course). Minus came because there was few typos(mostly I forgot commas, bwah). And in that English test I got total blackout few times(how can I forgot word office? But I fortunately remembered it on time). And I couldn't get word communications technology to my head so I wrote IT. Not sure if that will be accepted... But in big picture it went well.

And YES, I'm gonna get finally new mobile today. About between 5 pm and 9 pm, I ordered it from internet with home delivery. I guess I get it most likely at 5 pm because every time I order something online with home delivery, it comes really early to our door.

Thank God today I can relax, there isn't any necessary school stuff and I'm too tired to go library. It can wait untill next week.

Picture is by DeathByBokeh at Flickr

Feb 11, 2009
You'll take the heat, but you would never take the fall.

It was nice yesterday, I went to the city and bought few things... Like couple of shirts, new wallet, beanie, gloves(they're pretty warm) etc. Now I should read English for another test, clean my room, do this one comic ready for a competition that we're taking part and other stuff. We went to store today with my friend, I bought Foo Fighters In Your Honor -cd and candy(suprise). I grapped my broken camera with me(half of the screen is white and striped but you can still take pictures with it...) so I took some photos on the way until the battery died.

Oh and damn, I don't have anything to read anymore. I just finished Forever Princess which was just amazing, same goes with Breaking Dawn which I finished at weekend. Saturday, actually. I guess I'm going to the library tomorrow and Friday we're having a dinner at city with my mum and sister since it's my mums 50th birthday. Friday 13th, but I hope it's going to be nice day. And Saturday is Valentines day! I guess we could do something with my friend that day. Since I don't have any guy to hang out with that day, ha ha.

But now, I really have to read some words for that test.

Feb 9, 2009
We had fun today with my friend at school - half of the class was visiting at upper secondary school or vocational school. So we had last two hours P.E. and half was missing from that group too(we have P.E. together with another class). So about 10 girls who were left went to jogging and because me and my friend were the only one who wanted to skate, we were there all alone. Ice was horrible but who cares, sun was shining and I listened music. And the guys had to go skiing, haha!

Though I got kinda tired so I watched one episode of One Tree Hill from my iPod. That one where Lucas and Peyton were babysitting Jamie and Andre and Nathan and Haley went on a date. It was bit funny, we were there like an hour until next to the rink came few guys with their moped car. So we left about at 2 pm. We were waiting at inside a while until the teacher came from a jog too and we though we could go home. It sucks that I didn't have my camera with me, it was so beautiful outside...

And now, I just heard that Swedish essay should be returned tomorrow. Maybe I should start working on that. And I would die if I could get something sweet... Maybe I could bake something?

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Feb 7, 2009
Your art matters.
I have wanted to write something for a while. Well, few years actually. But everytime I start writing something in Finnish, my eagerness disappears after few sentences. Weird, huh? So I've been thinking this idea in my head few days. Maybe I should try write something in English? Since I love writing my blog, too, in that language. Everytime I had tried having a blog in Finnish, the eagerness disappears, again. Déjà vu.

I have few ideas, about the leading character and other characters. I have been thinking a dash of fantasy there too. Not like witches, vampires or midgets. More like something different, a bit of a mystery. I have an idea about that too but it needs to be edged.

But now, it's Saturday night and I just got out of the sauna. Looks like it wasn't such a great idea going there after all, suddenly the headache is back. Too bad, I though I was feeling already better.... Yeah, there's coming both Survivors and C.S.I Miami from tv right now, maybe I could watch Survivors this time? I feel more like China today(yeah we're seeing that season now... bit late), not murder-mysteries. Though both have amazing views.

And oh God, I'm totally in love with Travis and Fran Healy right now. I love their music.

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Feb 5, 2009
Dear Diary
Gosh, I haven't been this sick in years. I'm gonna stay home tomorrow again, I guess I went to school too early. But I did get those books yesterday, I'm reading Breaking Dawn right now and it's just awesome!

I ordered new mobile yesterday, I chose this one since it's in nice color. I'm also dreaming about this camera to replace the broken one, but I'm not gonna buy that one yet. I have no idea what I'm gonna do tomorrow and the weekend, though I guess I should start working on that essay in Swedish... It's gonna suck, I know it. That language is just too hard for me.

We had kinda "Talent" impression day today at school, there was some kids from the grade school and I'm gonna have to say: that girl who played piano was just amazing. Same with the band which had four boys, about 11 years old, and their music was really impressing. And this boy who was about a year younger than me, at 8th grade, played guitar and harmonica(by mouth) like a professional musician. And a girl who was about in same age sang such a beautiful song, Hallelujah.

And now I'm just floating with the music of Travis, it's such an amazing band...

Picture of the cd is from Amazon.com

Feb 3, 2009
Oh, where did the blue skies go? And why is it raining so? It's so cold.
So the camera wasn't enough already? Now my mobile is broken too, and I have no idea what's wrong with it. Everything is getting broken. Altough that phone did stay in one piece over two years which is pretty much in my hands...

I went to school today, it was a bit funny when our Swedish teacher didn't know some words in Finnish - it's hard to explain in English so I'm not gonna talk anymore about that... And apparently I'm not the only one who's sick/almost sick. Some of us are in flu and one guy on my class had to go home because he felt so sick in his tummy. I was pretty fine in school - of course I still have flu - but when I got to home it took few hours until I got worst headache EVER. It's still not over, and we don't have even a single painkiller left. Too bad. It's like someone is stabbing my forehead, ugh...

But it's not that bad anymore, I guess now could get some sleep. We had that English test today already, it was easy as hell. Tomorrow is another test in biology - about the eyes and how they work. I hope it goes well, I've never been a genius in biology, same goes with the Swedish. And math, atleast now. I hate equations...

Feb 2, 2009
I'll make you banana pancakes, pretend like it's the weekend now.
So I guess I'm not feeling so sick anymore since I was craving pancakes at morning. The ones I made wasn't as delicious as the ones in the picture are, I couldn't take picture of mine since my camera isn't still working... Well I fumbled with the recipe a while(it was for 30 pancakes, like hell I would ever eat that much, ha!) until I got it work. Whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries with them, yummy :D

I heard that outside really was freezing today, so I guess I was right. But I'm gonna have step there atleast to get the mail, ugh. But now my movies are waiting me, I'm gonna watch atleast two of them today.

Picture is by Amber Grundy at Flickr

Feb 1, 2009
But I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell...
Oh come on, how long I'm gonna have to suffer from this flu? I'm dying here, hey you guys at California, I'm here...

But the good news is that tomorrow is the day when we can either skate, ski, walk or go ice fishing. So pretty much it's one day full of P.E, nothing else. I chose skating with my friends and - here comes the good news - I heard today that my sister forgot our only pair of skates(we don't skate much so one pair is enough) at his boyfriends house. As much I would love to spent those 2,5 hours sliding through the ice with a happy grin, I have to face the facts:

  • the grin would be probably because the skates are always killing my ankles
  • my feet would be frozen after 10 minutes
  • I can't skate well
  • I'm dying in flu
  • there is ice-cold outside(atleast I think so, I haven't been there in few days...)

And of course, now I don't have even skates... But who cares, now I can have my movie-marathon tomorrow. Yay! I'm planning to watch all the movies I have on dvd. Though there isn't very much of them, only something like 4, uh. Well, I'll watch them anyway. And of course I can always read that Princess Mia book I was ment to start yesterday again but which I kinda forgot since I started reading Eclipse again. These books are really fascinating but I'm gonna have to get some new ones from library before I exhaust the ones I own. I mean, something else than Stephenie's and Meg's books. If it's possible that any of the other books is good.

I'm gonna need some sleep soon since the headache is coming back(and we don't have soon any Buranas left...). But it's awful to sleep when your nose is stuffy and throat is dry. Oh and I've seriously lost the point of this post, at first I was ment to just announce of the new look of this blog. Kinda cool, don't you think? Atleast I know that I love it.