Jul 18, 2010
Strawberry fields forever.

Sorry it's been a while - I've truly been on a holiday. Now I'm kinda waiting for autumn already. At least this weather is starting to remind me of it, cloudy and rainy day today.

Jul 5, 2010
Too hot for words.

Finally finished it. Now I'm gonna have Skins marathon on our porch with my laptop.

Jul 4, 2010
Oh those things...
This is what I've bought these past few weeks.

Top from Monki, vest from Topshop and simple black Cheap Monday top from Weekday.

Bag in the left is from Accessorize, the one in the right was bought from our cruiser.

Red bracelet from BIKBOK, other two from Asos. Necklace is from Topshop.

Diesel shoes I got from Asos.

Now that I've shown you those, it's time for some football stuff, yeah? I'm so happy that Spain got to the semi-finals today! That game was truly mindwrecking.

Jul 2, 2010
From Stockholm with love.

What I shopped is coming later...