Feb 20, 2009
We can live like Jack and Sally if we want!
Well this is getting kinda ridiculous... We didn't have teacher in four subjects because over 10 of the teachers is sick. Plus our art-teacher had already travelled to Florida for vacation and substitute teacher didn't arrive until 15 minutes before the double period was over. And yeah, more than half of my class was sick too. Few of them stayed at home, few left home middle of the day and some of them stayed at school whole day. Happy winter holiday for you guys, staying at home in bronchitis... I'm glad that I already was sick few weeks ago. I can't get flu again, can I?

Anyway, it's holiday for me now, guys! We're planning to stay up all night with my friend on Sunday. Since the Oscars are coming at 3 am here(time-lag, you know), we're going to hang out at Messenger chatting about it. And watching it of course, too.


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