Feb 9, 2009
We had fun today with my friend at school - half of the class was visiting at upper secondary school or vocational school. So we had last two hours P.E. and half was missing from that group too(we have P.E. together with another class). So about 10 girls who were left went to jogging and because me and my friend were the only one who wanted to skate, we were there all alone. Ice was horrible but who cares, sun was shining and I listened music. And the guys had to go skiing, haha!

Though I got kinda tired so I watched one episode of One Tree Hill from my iPod. That one where Lucas and Peyton were babysitting Jamie and Andre and Nathan and Haley went on a date. It was bit funny, we were there like an hour until next to the rink came few guys with their moped car. So we left about at 2 pm. We were waiting at inside a while until the teacher came from a jog too and we though we could go home. It sucks that I didn't have my camera with me, it was so beautiful outside...

And now, I just heard that Swedish essay should be returned tomorrow. Maybe I should start working on that. And I would die if I could get something sweet... Maybe I could bake something?

Picture is by pvantees at Flickr


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