Apr 28, 2009
Bees are killing me...
Ok, I admit, I'm so freaking tired again. I'm gonna go to sleep right after Grey's Anatomy.

But hey, I wanna have those shoes... Love it. And we have only short day at school tomorrow and then... May Day aka Vappu, yay! Not sure what were gonna do, maybe just hang out with my friend and eat many funnel cakes and doughnuts. Long liquorices are also that 'thing', but I'm not sure if they sell them around here. And we're not really planning to go to the city since there is gonna be such a chaos. I know, I was there last year. You can't really walk there, it's so full of people and most of them are drunk. Not great place to be if you're one of those few who are not drunk.

Today was awful day, I was so tired, angsty and bored. I mean, who really loves days that have 8 hours of studying? But atleast new Cosmopolitan came and I got Twilight back from my friend. Haven't read it in a while...

Apr 26, 2009
Put butterflies on her soul.
Sorry that I haven't really posted anything besides music videos lately... It's really sunny and warm outside so what else could you do than enjoy that awesome weather and music? And our internet has been just terrible in these few days, it cuts off every half second and is really slow.

I walked over 6 miles on Friday to the post office. And when I saw the box where my new love was in, we teared all that paper off with my friend. I have to say, that camera is so awesome. I tried it yesterday:

Now, I guess I'm gonna continue doing my OTH video for that contest. It's really sad one... And I have one Twilight video unfinished too, I'm not really sure yet if that's gonna be sad or just about love. We'll see.

And I can smell that summer air coming from open window. Maybe I could carry this laptop outside again?

Apr 22, 2009
What is that voice?
There was just amazing songs in the latest episode of One Tree Hill. Here are the ones I'm in love right now:

And Charlift - Bruises, wasn't in OTH but this is so stuck in my head.

Apr 20, 2009
I wanna be a caravan girl.

I'm in love with that song and video. I wish it would already be summer so I can run away somewhere for entire day... and just listen music while wandering around. Oh and I'm making two videos right now for this one contest: one from Slumdog Millionaire, one from Juno. I did make my "intro" yesterday, planning to add it in the beginning of every video I make.

//Didn't really like that previous anymore... So I made new one, it doesn't include only One Tree Hill this time.

Apr 16, 2009
Here's where my story starts...
Weekend, finally. But all I'm gonna do is school work. Four exams next week plus that essay... And hell, weather is just really freaky today. Entire morning was just full of clouds, then there came sleet, water, sun, hails, snow, sun and then a LOT of snow. Now there is that sun again.

I think next thing that's coming from the sky is pink puppies.

But from one to another thing, I wish I could find some cool dress to the school's spring festival/comprehensive school graduation. Most alluring ones are the ones I can't get... We'll get back to that later, haha.

Now I think I'm gonna have to start working on that essay.

//Oh cool, now half of the sky is dark grey. No puppies, sad.

Apr 14, 2009
I'm just little unwell.

Gotta say that everyone was just freaking out at school. I slept 4 hours and my friend didn't sleep at all. I just looove school after holiday.

It was fun at Swedish lesson too, school's computers were so freaking slow. Teacher was pretty tired too:

"What if we just drop this computer on the floor and say that it was Noora, she lost her nerves. They always believe me since I'm teacher."

Apr 13, 2009
Let's draw to joy division.
Best time to draw: middle of the night. Gotta say that I got great idea for this competition at school. It has four series:

  • woodwork
  • handcraft
  • photographing
  • drawing

Guess which one I'm taking part... Drawing. Got this idea about hot-air balloons from that book I told you earlier. I'm gonna show you the work when it's done.

But, I think I'm gonna eat something before I go to sleep. All that wiping and scribbling made me hungry, haha.

Apr 12, 2009
Quite free.
Jules Verne - Cinq Semaines En Ballon aka Five Weeks in a Balloon. Thats the name of the book I bough yesterday. I almost chose Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, but I think I'm gonna read that one later. Had great reviews. Both books are in Finnish this time. Five Weeks in a Balloon was written back in 1863, translated in Finnish this year.

We stopped by yesterday at this cafe, Sokos' upper floor, best hot chocolate ever. Ever. I did found perfect demin skirt too, few pics coming later. And ok, what if I did buy another necklace? I'm addicted.

Right now I'm cleaning my room, got few more covers of lp's to the walls. I think it's pretty nice in there now. Though drawers of my dresser are in chaos and all the stuff is on the floor.

Sunny outside...

Apr 10, 2009
You're my blue sky, you're my sunny day.
I had fun tonight. I walked with my friend around about three hours. Though in the end I couldn't feel neither my toes or fingers, it was cool. So beautiful. We stopped by the lake too.

Ice is melting! So the spring is coming...

...u gotta luv easter!

Me and my sisters made those "witches" when we were really young. That one who has green eyes is mine...
And those candys are freaky, reminds me of Bertie Bott's Jelly Beans, from Harry Potter. Every single one tastes different. Brown ones are really bad...

Apr 8, 2009
Fake empire.
Thought it would be cool to change the header since most of the snow is gone here(YAY!)...

I had dentist today... Ugh, one thing that makes me freak out every single time. But atleast I did have healthy(and delicious) breakfast, cereals with dried strawberries and cherries, blueberries and banana. Yummy!

After that I walked to second hand store and bough some lp's to the wall of my room. Found these:

Now I'm gonna go and eat some of our Easter candys :D

No pigeons.

So we didn't won that contest but I did get an award since they liked our egg. Chocolate, good thing that I love it :) I don't have heart to break that egg I made even though it does have chocolate inside it too.

Our Easter holiday started today, day early since we had that one school day at Saturday.

At creative writing we had to absorb identity of some writer we inveted. Then we wrote an extract from that writers imaginary book. My book was called My blue eyes since my writer only wore blue. When the teacher heard my extract, she joked that looked like my writer, Aulis Harppi(harppi means a pair of compasses), used some meds :D Read yourself:

It was a pigeon. Looked quite blue. For some reason everything always looks blue.

Pigeon stared in front of him. Suddenly his eyes almost popped out of their orbits. Head pulled back and his wan legs started to loose their length.

Shortly in front of me was grey seal, covered with dusty feathers. He sounded like foghorn and glanced me, eyes sharp as a carrot.

Then there was a pop and he was gone. Pigeon.

I guess she was right, haha. But best extract was deliberate clone made from Twilight. Writer named it Koukutus(hooked) as our real translation for that book is Houkutus(temptation). There was Finnish contortions made from names, like Bella - Ella, Jacob - Jaakko and Edward - Eetu. That was funniest ever!

Apr 7, 2009
Something more than ink on a page...

That Katiska was... odd. I mean, it was funny in a weird way and beautiful too. And it's not like it was horrible to see young, shirtless guys bouncing around the stage :D Haha. I can't say I didn't enjoy!

After the show I visited at bookstore - my favorite place to buy all my art supplies and, well, books. So what did I get? Well, I got this pad that has prettiest cover ever. Few paintbrushes, ink bottle and watercolour pencils sticked with me too...

Apr 6, 2009
If I'm to be your camera, then who will be your face?
I finally ordered new camera. From Hobby Hall, it was cheapest place to buy this one: Canon Powershot SX10 IS and memory card. It takes about one week to arrive :) I can't wait!

Apr 5, 2009
I love Faber-Castell.
I just noticed that I don't have any watercolor pencils(or color pencils at all), brushes or anything... Well I do have some old brushes but they're pretty dead by now. Noticed that when I was painting that Easter egg. I haven't finished it yeat btw, some of it is still wet so I'm waiting it to dry and then I can continue it.

So where was I? Oh yeah, I would love to try using some ink too. We tried that at school, we made these comic strips and took copies of them. Then we tried different technics on them. There was different shades made with ink and water, markers, rasters etc. I can scan that work in few months, when we get them from school... When it ends.

So my shopping list right now:

  • watercolor pencils
  • ink
  • brushes
  • some good pad
  • few black markers (atleast 0,1 mm?)

Plus I'm searching that perfect demin skirt somewhere... I hope I have enough money. Ough, I forgot, I need new watercolors and some cup for water to use next month. Since there is boards to that one school...

Apr 4, 2009
How does the sun rise and how does it go down...

It's funny how beautiful it was last night and how grey it was today. It really felt yesterday like spring was coming...
Atleast I have coke today, too :)

Apr 2, 2009
Rainy day.
I made bread rolls....

Have you ever seen the air so clear?
Whoa, I finally saw The Day After Tomorrow. It was spooky, makes me think that what the hell are we doing to this planet?

In school I got this egg with me. It's for annual Easter egg competition, every class has it's own. I'll try my best this year, I would love to win finally :)

Apr 1, 2009
I'm losing touch.
April Fools' Day, it's been really funny day. So many is sick so there wasn't almost anyone in our class. And hey, it's still sunny! Every once in a while.

I'm kinda tired right now and I don't have so much to write, so... I'm gonna go make some coffee, "Vulcano Chock".