Feb 26, 2010
I'm drawing the line so I could smile.

Holiday. Finally. I've been so stressed at the school lately, thankfully friends and music has kept me sane. Now it's time for some reading and drawing. And music, of course. I'm gonna try to post some of my sketches here in few days, stay tuned.

Btw,  Skins gets crazier and crazier nowadays. Seriously.

Feb 20, 2010
I wanna live my life with the volume full.
Music makes life so much better. Just saying, I'm listening to Pearl Jam at the moment and this morning is beautiful. I got total 3 cd's last night. First I borrowed Porcupine Tree's In Absentia from a friend, haven't really started listening to it yet though. After school I hang out at the city, watched seniordances and met my friend. We bought two tickets to the movie Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Before it started we hang out at the record shop and two cd's caught my eye. First, Porcupine Tree's The Incident. Next to that was Pearl Jam's Backspacer. I had been meant to check their music out for a while now and that cd looked cool, so I thought: why not? Bought those two and now I've been listening to Backspacer non-stop. I also bought few bracelets, that studded one is from KappAhl and the colorful one is from JC. And now I'm just enjoying great music inside, with candy that was left from last night. It's beautiful weather outside, though cold and snow whirls in the air every once in a while. But it's pretty.

And that movie? It wasn't so good from my opinion, too predictable. Though the guy who played Percy wasn't bad looking, haha.


Feb 18, 2010
Love love today.

Today was cool. It was that day of the year when seniors of upper secondary school painted their posters, dressed in a funny way, climbed into their trucks with a ton of candy and made us sugarholics happy. Entire centre was so messed up 'cause they were throwing all that candy to the people in the streets, even older people tried to get some. I catched a few but in the end my toes and fingers were so frozen that I couldn't feel them...

It was nice day overall, sun was shining entire day :)

Feb 14, 2010
So I guess you are my Valentine...
My day included movie Valentine's Day with some friends... Here's a video I made for you last night, hope you had a cute day today :)

Feb 11, 2010
The rest will flow.

Exams are OVER, for now atleast. Because I failed atleast chemistry so I'm gonna have to do that again. New period started and I'm still feeling really inspired and industrious these days. You remember how I said I screwed up that painting in art class? Apparently I didn't screw it too bad since I got best grade you can get. I'm really surprised and happy about that :)

There are tons of things I should do as soon as possible. But gladly tomorrow I'm going to my friends b-day party and on Sunday to the movies with few friends. Gonna watch that Valentine's day movie, of course.

Feb 2, 2010
How is your life today?
May I just warn you and say that today has been worst day in ages. All I can blame is Murphy's law. First, guess what? Snow. Soon it won't melt until May, like in Lapland. Because of the snow my bus was late. Though it wasn't that bad, I had only art class in the morning so I was in no hurry. But I screwed up big time in that class today. I kept messing my shirt in oil colour so at the end of the day I stinked from all that turpentine. And I lost my nerves with my painting, decided not to get my review today 'cause I was already near the breaking point.

After that everything just kept going downhill and after school I fought with our outdoor for ages. Because this house is so damn old, our door had frozen and it was stuck. And when I finally got it open, I couldn't close it because of the ice. Later I got in a bit better mood, being very hardworking. Surprisingly. Though while shoveling our driveway I ended up getting big bruises in both of my knees. I'm too tired to even start explaining that story...

Anyways, now I'm kinda back in the dark mood. This may or may not be a result of someones disregardness. And the fact that apparently two of my three Porcupine Tree cd's are late. Damn you online shops.

I have a feeling that I'm gonna wake up to another five inches of snow. Which makes my shoveling earlier today totally unnecessary. But hey, atleast I've got only English exam in the morning and rest of the day free. May calm my nerves with shopping in the afternoon, we'll see.

Enough with the complaining now, good night to you all.