Jun 16, 2011
The river had run wild
Oh, so nice to see sun again. It's been raining for three days now and I've been working for two of them. You know what is not nice? Weeding in the rain. Especially if your gloves are not waterproof. Let's hope that it's not still wet outside, got to go to work again today. Before that I'm gonna see my friend and buy some stuff for tomorrow. I'm going to Provinssirock with my other friend and they say it's gonna rain so I've gotta buy at least a raincoat. And some other stuff, including batteries for my camera.

I'm so excited about tomorrow, it's gonna be awesome! Sadly we're gonna arrive a bit too late cause my friend is stuck at work. So we'll probably miss the Vaccines.

From one thing to another, I miss nature. I didn't realize how much I liked all the green stuff until it wasn't there anymore. So I guess I have to visit home more often, just to get my fix of nature photos.

I've been raising few plants on my windowsill. There's one plant that my mum gave me and then there's two herbs that I've raised from seeds. Coriander is looking good, even better than in the picture below since it's been a week since I took that one. Parsley isn't looking that good since at first I put too few seeds in the pot and I had to add some more later since it wasn't growing at all.


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