Feb 13, 2009
"Happy Valentine's day!" "Aren't you kinda early?"
We had kinda early Valentine's day today, we were ment to wear pink and some people had "hug-passes" which means that you ask people to hug you and then write their name on a paper. Who gets most names gets an award. And at lunch we got strawberry ice creams(pink, you know?). There were also "vanhojen tanssit" aka "seniordances" where seniors of upper secondary school learn some dances, wear beautiful dresses and suits and go around schools to dance to us. In last dance they come to audience and pick dance partners there. Luckily we were sitting in middle of the tier so they couldn't pick me - thank God, I suck at dancing. It was funny that noticed this one guy who didn't have dancing shoes like everyone else. He had Converses instead and it kinda catched my eye. Well, looked like he had fun atleast by the faces he made. Funny :D

So we went out for a dinner with my mum and sister, they got on my nerves but finally it all went well. I ate pizza but it wasn't the best pizza I've eaten at Rosso. I adore more like pizza with thick pizza crust(pannpizza or whatever it's in English).

Tomorrow my uncle and his wife are coming for a lunch and I'm also planning to watch P.S. I Love You and eating a lot of chocolate. Yay!

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