Feb 21, 2009
Happy to hang around...
I had like the sweetest dream last night... I stayed up until it was something like 2 am, making that video about OTH's Lucas and Peyton. I guess I got some influences from that, since in my dream I was Peyton and lying in my room. But my bed and whole room was in a boat, on the deck of cruise ship, you know? I tried to take pictures of the blue sky with my camera but I didn't get any good since everytime I tried to have a seagull in the picture it flew away. So I called to Lucas, who was standing on the lower deck in a uniform(he looked really hot in my dream btw). I asked if he could help me to take some pictures of the seagulls. Meanwhile I was zooming the camera to his face since I saw him from my bed. He said that it would be just fine. But before he came up there, my mum woke me up. Damn.

I actually woke first time at 12 am but fell asleep again, had this awesome dream and then woke at 2 pm. I made some pizza for us, it was really good actually. I didn't know I can make so delicious pizza! Now I'm maybe gonna read, draw or perhaps work on that video again. But whatever, I can just lay around a week if I want. Which is awesome.

That picture is btw taken at Stockholm last summer, we visited there. Pretty awesome weather! And so much more to do than here. Shopping was actually what I mostly did... I wanna visit there again, I've got to talk my mum about it.


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