Jun 25, 2011
The eve of Midsummer day
We went to sauna, swimming, made crepe's and the sun was shining the whole time. Awesome night.

While I was waiting for my ride afterwards, I decided to do a little Midsummer day magic. I picked nine different flowers from three different meadows, in the fog. After putting them under my pillow, I was supposed to dream about my future husband.

I only dreamed about some old ice hockey guy and my sister's class in the elementary school. So I don't think that enchantment really worked, haha.

Jun 24, 2011
Coffee and cherries
Got my couch yesterday, finally. This place is now looking a lot nicer. I also went out to buy that Caffé Latte poster and framed it.

I also bought cherries, I'm actually eating them right now.

And those herbs of mine are looking good. And tasting good, too. Especially coriander is growing well.

But now I'm off to celebrate Midsummer's day. Summer cottage, here I come...

Jun 23, 2011

It was pretty cool in there, I saw a lot of new bands. And of course The Vaccines, my favorite one. I'm too tired to write more so just check out the pictures.

Jun 16, 2011
The river had run wild
Oh, so nice to see sun again. It's been raining for three days now and I've been working for two of them. You know what is not nice? Weeding in the rain. Especially if your gloves are not waterproof. Let's hope that it's not still wet outside, got to go to work again today. Before that I'm gonna see my friend and buy some stuff for tomorrow. I'm going to Provinssirock with my other friend and they say it's gonna rain so I've gotta buy at least a raincoat. And some other stuff, including batteries for my camera.

I'm so excited about tomorrow, it's gonna be awesome! Sadly we're gonna arrive a bit too late cause my friend is stuck at work. So we'll probably miss the Vaccines.

From one thing to another, I miss nature. I didn't realize how much I liked all the green stuff until it wasn't there anymore. So I guess I have to visit home more often, just to get my fix of nature photos.

I've been raising few plants on my windowsill. There's one plant that my mum gave me and then there's two herbs that I've raised from seeds. Coriander is looking good, even better than in the picture below since it's been a week since I took that one. Parsley isn't looking that good since at first I put too few seeds in the pot and I had to add some more later since it wasn't growing at all.

Jun 12, 2011
It's been a long time.
Hello, it's been... 10 months? Wow, time really does go quickly. A lot has changed this year. First of all, I'm living on my own. It's a student apartment so it's cheaper that the other ones. And I live right in the centre of the city, can you believe it?

That picture was taken few weeks ago, when it was raining. It's been a wonderful first week of summer holiday for me, so hot and sunny. My place is a mess right now so pictures from inside are coming later.

I also got a job. It's only a summer job, so I have to get a new one when the summer ends. And I guess it really is all about connections, the guy my mum is dating works on people's gardens for a living. He hired me and I got these four yards I have to weed and plant some new stuff into. I get to decide when I work so that’s great. But none of those places are in the city so I had to buy this expensive bus ticket.