Feb 1, 2009
But I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell...
Oh come on, how long I'm gonna have to suffer from this flu? I'm dying here, hey you guys at California, I'm here...

But the good news is that tomorrow is the day when we can either skate, ski, walk or go ice fishing. So pretty much it's one day full of P.E, nothing else. I chose skating with my friends and - here comes the good news - I heard today that my sister forgot our only pair of skates(we don't skate much so one pair is enough) at his boyfriends house. As much I would love to spent those 2,5 hours sliding through the ice with a happy grin, I have to face the facts:

  • the grin would be probably because the skates are always killing my ankles
  • my feet would be frozen after 10 minutes
  • I can't skate well
  • I'm dying in flu
  • there is ice-cold outside(atleast I think so, I haven't been there in few days...)

And of course, now I don't have even skates... But who cares, now I can have my movie-marathon tomorrow. Yay! I'm planning to watch all the movies I have on dvd. Though there isn't very much of them, only something like 4, uh. Well, I'll watch them anyway. And of course I can always read that Princess Mia book I was ment to start yesterday again but which I kinda forgot since I started reading Eclipse again. These books are really fascinating but I'm gonna have to get some new ones from library before I exhaust the ones I own. I mean, something else than Stephenie's and Meg's books. If it's possible that any of the other books is good.

I'm gonna need some sleep soon since the headache is coming back(and we don't have soon any Buranas left...). But it's awful to sleep when your nose is stuffy and throat is dry. Oh and I've seriously lost the point of this post, at first I was ment to just announce of the new look of this blog. Kinda cool, don't you think? Atleast I know that I love it.


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