Feb 16, 2009
The Beautiful Occupation
Okay, I've got to say, Finland is a beautiful place sometimes. When I stepped out of the door yesterday I noticed that sun was shining from a blue sky and it was snowing. Yeah, both at the same time. But ground was icy and it was really cold so I was right about those two. And I was in hurry, even when I ran down an icy hill to the other door(school's other door was locked already, suprise) it didn't erase the fact that have now second note from being late. Damn, one more and I'm gonna be in detention. And we were practising first-aid in health education, it was funny to pretend being injured :D

But if yesterday was cold, today I though for a second that I was living in the north pole. Yeah, sky was blue again but there was -20 C°(-4 F°). You know, so cold that when you step outside your hair goes white and frozen. And we had math test, it was just horrible. I couldn't understand pretty much anything, all those proportions and equations... But we got to be on computers one hour, me and my friend were dying there. We laughed so hard that we were almost crying.

And we were walking through city yesterday with my other buddy, we visited at few record shops. I bough few cd's from Travis, The Killers and Radiohead. They were pretty cheap actually... And I had like the best hot chocolate ever at this one cafe, yummy!


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