Feb 5, 2009
Dear Diary
Gosh, I haven't been this sick in years. I'm gonna stay home tomorrow again, I guess I went to school too early. But I did get those books yesterday, I'm reading Breaking Dawn right now and it's just awesome!

I ordered new mobile yesterday, I chose this one since it's in nice color. I'm also dreaming about this camera to replace the broken one, but I'm not gonna buy that one yet. I have no idea what I'm gonna do tomorrow and the weekend, though I guess I should start working on that essay in Swedish... It's gonna suck, I know it. That language is just too hard for me.

We had kinda "Talent" impression day today at school, there was some kids from the grade school and I'm gonna have to say: that girl who played piano was just amazing. Same with the band which had four boys, about 11 years old, and their music was really impressing. And this boy who was about a year younger than me, at 8th grade, played guitar and harmonica(by mouth) like a professional musician. And a girl who was about in same age sang such a beautiful song, Hallelujah.

And now I'm just floating with the music of Travis, it's such an amazing band...

Picture of the cd is from Amazon.com


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