Feb 7, 2009
Your art matters.
I have wanted to write something for a while. Well, few years actually. But everytime I start writing something in Finnish, my eagerness disappears after few sentences. Weird, huh? So I've been thinking this idea in my head few days. Maybe I should try write something in English? Since I love writing my blog, too, in that language. Everytime I had tried having a blog in Finnish, the eagerness disappears, again. Déjà vu.

I have few ideas, about the leading character and other characters. I have been thinking a dash of fantasy there too. Not like witches, vampires or midgets. More like something different, a bit of a mystery. I have an idea about that too but it needs to be edged.

But now, it's Saturday night and I just got out of the sauna. Looks like it wasn't such a great idea going there after all, suddenly the headache is back. Too bad, I though I was feeling already better.... Yeah, there's coming both Survivors and C.S.I Miami from tv right now, maybe I could watch Survivors this time? I feel more like China today(yeah we're seeing that season now... bit late), not murder-mysteries. Though both have amazing views.

And oh God, I'm totally in love with Travis and Fran Healy right now. I love their music.

Picture is by Christopher! at Flickr


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