Feb 18, 2009
Go to sleep.
"Mmmh... hi."
"Did I wake you up?"
"I though you're going to school at eight."
"I am."

Yeah, I slept little too late(well, two hours) so I went to school at ten. But that's okey, I wasn't very excited about home economics anyway.

I've been addicted to hot chocolate, as you may have noticed. It's just so awesome if you want something sweet but you don't have candy.

And I seriously want some cd's from Matchbox Twenty. What I've listened their music at Youtube, they're pretty awesome band. Maybe I should soon visit at some record shop again... Next week, we're having a winter holiday then. One week, thank God. I need some sleep. But after that we're having two tests, Swedish and physics. I'm just glad that Swedish test isn't that nationwide one yet. It's just sick, I can't handle that huge exam... We're having same kind of big exam in English and math to. Speaking of, I got 9- from English test. Best is 10 and I didn't really read to this test so think it went pretty well.


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