Mar 30, 2009
Secret life.
Creepy. I was walking to the school when suddenly I noticed a ripped rabbit in the middle of the road. I almost freaked out, how the hell did it get there? There is no way a car or moped would have been ran over it. Since it was just this small stomping...

Mar 29, 2009
Natural disaster.
Sundays. I love them, but today is full of stuff I have to do. Read a book, finish a presentation about human rights and that work for comic course. That optional subject is done by me but some of my works are so undone.

But hey, here's the pics. I love that coat and hoodie! And they were so cheap, I love all Crocker's clothes and you have no idea how happy I was when that hoodie costed 15 € instead of 50 € and that coat 24 € instead of 80 €!

I added a music player here btw, easier to share my favorite music with you than through some Youtube links... And if there isn't some of my fave songs at Deezer, I can download them from my own computer! Yay. Now I'm in love with Plain White T's album Big Bad World, I've got to find that somewhere.

Mar 28, 2009
Ungodly hour...
I love scrolling through the internet and searching some stuff that would be cool to have in our home...

1. recycled coasters from Urban Outfitters(UK), 16 €
2. Camper Van egg cups from Urban Ourfitters(UK), 9,70 €
3. cup from Indiska, 4,70 €
4. cup from Indiska, 5,60 €

all below are from Urban Outfitters(UK)

1. vinyl album frame, 10,70 €
2. LP notebook, 26,90 €
3. LP photo album, 37,70 €
4. jewellery stand coat rack, 17,20 €
5. magazine storage, 14 € SALE
6. Jon Burgerman: Pens Are My Friends, 32,30 €
7. Posh Word Search, 5,40 €

And about the stuff I bought yesterday, I can't take pictures yet but I'm planning to grab the camera tomorrow!

Mar 27, 2009
To the center of the city in the night, waiting for you.

Yay, today was just awesome! It was sunny again(weird, I know) and there was only 4 hours of school. Everything was frozen in the morning like always but when it was afternoon, ice was gone. So I left to the town. I got that new cd from The Fray, Sawdust by The Killers, size A3 pad for watercolors, grey biker-styled jacket(Crocker, -70%), dark red hoodie(Crocker, -50%) and black jeans that fit perfectly(JC). I did get some eye cream, face scrub, nail file and polish too. I can take some pictures tomorrow :)

Btw, you guys really need to listen this song:

Mar 26, 2009
...screamed at the make-believe, screamed at the sky.

Some of the pics I took.

Velvet morning.
It was really beautiful morning today. And yesterday too... Though it was freezing(really, freezing), there was sun! Yes, and blue sky too. Amazing. I had to take few pictures before I left to school, some of them really sucked but this one is good.

Now, that economy competition was just killing me(seriously, we had to recognize euro coins from different countries) but there isn't no more exams in a while. Thank god. I'm just waiting that sun goes down so I can go and take some pictures from an esker. I've been planning that for a while but it's always too cold or I'm too tired. But not today. Yes, it's still cold but this time I'm not so tired :D

Mar 24, 2009
I see you poking out of the ocean. Paradise on Earth.
I'm dreaming about summer... and new camera.

I would btw love to have some light dress for the summer, if it's even a little bit warm. This one, from Ellos, is awesome.If I order now, I could maybe use it at our spring festival too. End of my comprehensive school, sad... But awesome too, I'm gonna have best summer ever until I start at my new school and my friends start at their new schools.

But I should get now some sleep, really long day at school tomorrow. Lets dream about beaches together...

Mar 23, 2009
Spring, where are you?
It should look like this:

But instead, it looks something like this:

Thank you very much.

Mar 22, 2009
It starts out easy, something simple, something sleazy...
I would die for a brick wall in my room. Look at that picture, Peyton's office in One Tree Hill. It's not actually real brick, just wallpaper. That would be cool if our walls wouldn't be wood. There's a lot of things that I could do for my room if this house wouldn't be just FULL of wood. And it's pinewood, not even some cool dark painted wood. Well in some lightning it does look little dark, but not enough. Another reason why I don't like being here, this house almost gives me chills. You can even hear every single word someone is saying in the downstairs. Awful soundproofing...

But I have an idea what I'm gonna do for my room when my sister moves out. Yeah, we've always shared our room and that sucks. But she invented this cool curtain-system so you can't see what other is doing on the reverse side of the room. When she leaves, I get this large room all for myself. I have plans, I'm gonna get new curtains(those same blue lace curtains have been there like forever), small sofa, desk, tv-level and some large plants. I know, it's going to take a lot of money but I can use them in my first home.

But if you're better than everyone else, why don't you save the world?
It feels hypocritical to write a paper about human rights inside a warm house while people somewhere are living in mud huts.

Mar 20, 2009
It's Friday, I'm in love.
Best day of the week. Tonight I'm gonna just hang out at home. I'm too tired :D

Next week there's an international week at school. There were already flags everywhere, I didn't recognize most of them... Oh well.

Btw, I bought Koop Arponen's new cd, New Town, yesterday, it's awesome! Especially this song called Voices Of The Past. And Insomnia of course.

Mar 19, 2009
Maybe it's written.
I just saw Slumdog Millionaire, that movie is just awesome. One of my favorites, great story, actors, music and everything!

When I walked home, it was freezing but there was some beautiful stars on the sky. It was awesome to watch them and listen Side by Travis.

Well I believe theres someone watching over you
They're watching every single thing you say
And when you die

They'll set you down and take you through

Mar 18, 2009
And i was floating through the colours of a sky...

I love the sky tonight.

Mar 17, 2009
Where it's so white as snow...
Oh god, I though yesterday that "Yay, only few months and it's summer!"

When I looked outside this morning, I gagged. More snow?? Jeez, must be atleast 4 inches.
But luckily it's already melting way!

But that snow made me write. Yeah, inspiration, nice to meet you finally! The story is about Liv who losts someone important and she reminisces moments she had. So the story is mostly in the flashbacks, but in the end I'm trying to tie the past with the present time. We'll see how that works out. I'm writing in English, it's somehow easier than in Finnish... I score more in that way.

Oh my gosh, I just heard that next week on Tuesday there's Finnish exam, on Wednesday math exam and on Thursday economics competition(exam, but it's same to everyone in Finland and who scores best gets an award)! And the day after tomorrow there is exam in biology. Damn.

Mar 16, 2009
I love Blueberry Pie.
I don't know how many times I've seen this movie. I saw it first time in a movie theater and it was awesome experience. But took a while until I started to think that movie again... I wanted to see it again. So I searched it from internet but then I decided to ask it on dvd last Christmas. That was worth it, I got it and now I've now probably almost drained that dvd. But I can' t help it, My Blueberry Nights is so beautiful and so atmospheric.

It's a story about Elizabeth(Norah Jones, we hear her music in the movie too) whose heart is broken from failed relationship. She meets Jeremy(Jude Law) and they spend many nights together, Elizabeth venting and enjoying his blueberry pie. She decides to leave from New York on a journey across America. Jeremy receives postcards from her and he wonders if he's ever going to hear her voice again. Well, what do you think?

"So what's wrong with the Blueberry Pie?"
"There's nothing wrong with the Blueberry Pie, just people make other choices. You can't blame the Blueberry Pie, it's just... no one wants it."

Watch it, I hope you're one of us who is in love with this movie.

Underneath this adolescent sky.

Nice morning today too, I'm just listening Lenka. I love her music, too bad that I guess I can't find her music anywhere here... Well I'll keep looking. Yesterday I read some Marie Claire from last September, I love that magazine. Maybe I should buy this month's magazine, I forgot to buy last month's.

But now I have to go to school, have a nice morning/night/whatever you're having there and listen Lenka ;)

Mar 15, 2009
I'm just a little girl lost in the moment.

I'm so happy! I love Sundays, these are the best days. Happy days, haha :D

I'm still lying on my bed, I've my laptop on my lap. I think I'm gonna read some old Cosmopolitan now, or maybe Marie Claire. Then I'm gonna get breakfast and perhaps later today I'll bake some bread rolls. I found btw the cutest coffee mug ever, it used to be my mums tea mug. Theres some picture of port and text "Åland" which means some isles in the sothern Finland, almost Sweden. We were there when I was really young, I don't remember pretty much anything.

Mar 14, 2009
I'm walking in new shoes now, I got a new song to sing...

So I didn't buy that The Fray's cd few days ago and it's not possible to buy from internet yet. That's the reason I clicked to online store at first, to buy that cd. But when I figured that I can't, I bought Juno on dvd and The Killers -cd, Day & Age. They're coming in mail next week.

And did I mention I love the shoes that H&M is selling right now? They're just so freaking cute! Although I guess it would be impossible for me to walk with 4 inch heels. And I also think they're not so great quality, 'cause after all they are from H&M.

Looks like I'm now officially shoe freak.

Somebody rockin', knockin' da boots.
I love these. These are the boots that were killing my feet last Saturday... They doesn't look bad at all(oh, no) but their sole is kinda bad for my feet. But hey, you have to suffer to be beautiful, right? :D

All I've done in few days is drawing. But that's ok, 'cause I love it.

Mar 13, 2009
That ain't no etch-a-sketch.

I wanna get Juno on dvd. I'd like to see that movie on replay so I guess I'm gonna search that dvd through stores :'D

That was good.

We are accidents.

We're going to the theater in few weeks! It's a play called Katiska, meaning fish-trap in English. We get free tickets from school and we don't have to go one week's art lesson since this covers it. Cool.

Finally weekend, btw. I'm so freaking tired.

Mar 11, 2009
All this noise I'm waking up, All this space I'm taking up.
Geez, who took my camera?

It's been some freaky day. Sad but funny. That hilarity comes from my fatigue. I shoud maybe sleep little more, haha.

I'm gonna go searching The Fray's album The Fray, from town tomorrow. It came out here today.

And now... I need some sleep. Sure it's 4 pm but I almost fell asleep while watching NCIS(my mum recorded it last night). And that's bad since I love that show. But hey, there comes another episode of Grey's anatomy today.

Mar 10, 2009
Little white shadows blink and miss them, part of a system, I am...
Finland is the coolest place to live. Literally. There was freaking blizzard outside earlier. And I just came from ice-hockey game, my toes are still freezing. And I'm trembling.

Damn, that game was just so sad. It was exciting as hell but we lost it 2-3 in overtime. So that means my favorite team is going on summer holiday, no more games this season. You should have seen the players, especially the goalkeeper was pretty broken.

Guess what I want now? Some hot chocolate. And not just because I'm so hooked on it. My feet are still as cold as ice. So here we go, I'm gonna find my woolen stockings first and then make some hot chocolate while reading Harry Potter - Order Of The Phoenix. I've read that and all the other books like billion times but right now I just feel like "Potter-time" :D

Mar 8, 2009
There There!
I'm so fucked up... I can't buy anything from internet 'cause I'm too young to have a netbank account. Damn. I just clicked to again, I'd love to have these:

What do you mean? I have too much tops already? No way!

Mar 7, 2009
We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things.

This song makes me wanna dance.

Kisses and cake.

(Those hands are btw HUGE, they're up on the wall. Kinda creepy.)

I was so freaking bored there. But hey, some guy made new record when he made a cake in 3 min and 12 sec. He didn't BAKE it or anything, but decorated and stuff. I only recorded in the last minute because I had so little space left in my camera.

And oh my God, my feet are just killing me. I must have walked atleast 3 miles. With heels. I can't walk at all anymore.

I can put some pictures from my purchases later.

Mar 6, 2009
She's so strange.
This week doesn't suck anymore ;) Oh yeah, exams for physics' and Swedish went pretty awfully but that's fine - I knew it, why do they put worst exams pretty much for the same weeks? Before holiday there was math test(between 4-10 I got 7- which was actually pretty good, mean was 6,9 at our class), Thursday Swedish and today physics. And yeah, we do have school tomorrow. Something that's called "Pothole Festival", cafeteria is full of tables from some schools and businesses(basically they're ment to tell us about vocational selections, summer jobs etc.). And there's some bands, fashion show made by our handcraft groups and lotteries. You can win something between bread, t-shirt and mobile phone, haha. I'll take my pretty messed up camera with me, you'll see some "artistic" pics tomorrow, haha!

So I'm gonna have to go there and when it's over(1pm?) I'm gonna go SHOPPING. What I'm looking for is a denim vest and some cute little purse with long strap. These ones in the below are from H&M. I'm also gonna see if I find some t-shirts. Large v-neck would be cool, some top under it and I'd totally wear it. I might put these shoes(not the exact design, mine are little darker, reddish, and the heels are little higher) first time to school tomorrow, I'm not very balanced with even tiny heels so I've weared these only outside the school few times. But I guess I've now learned to deal with the slippery sole, so... Though it was pretty bad choice to buy those at winter since they're really dodgy when there's snow on the ground. And there's nothing else but snow now...

Mar 4, 2009
When you hear this song, I hope that it will give you hell...
Oh my GOD. I just want to hit something... My nerves are pretty much dead. I'm so sick of few paranoid guys at my class, same goes with these two persons who apparently have something against me. They're annoying as hell.

And what's up with the weather? This morning it was snowing again but now it's all warm and wet. I hope it's spring that's coming, I want to get rid of that coat.

I'm still graving chocolate...

Mar 3, 2009
Time stands still...
I'm sick of snow. And pretty much winter at all. Freeze, yay? Snow blowing up on your face, yay? And God, fingers freezing, yay? Um, yeah. I've been pretty bored these few days. And tired too. Seasonal affective disorder? I haven't really seen sun lately.

I'm gonna have to read for few exams next two days. And we have school next Saturday which sucks. Really sucks... But I'm gonna go shopping, probably Friday or Saturday. Atleast there's something to expect :) Oh and yeah, there's Easter holiday in few weeks. I was at confirmation camp last Easter so this time I'm gonna eat a lot of chocolate eggs!