Feb 11, 2009
You'll take the heat, but you would never take the fall.

It was nice yesterday, I went to the city and bought few things... Like couple of shirts, new wallet, beanie, gloves(they're pretty warm) etc. Now I should read English for another test, clean my room, do this one comic ready for a competition that we're taking part and other stuff. We went to store today with my friend, I bought Foo Fighters In Your Honor -cd and candy(suprise). I grapped my broken camera with me(half of the screen is white and striped but you can still take pictures with it...) so I took some photos on the way until the battery died.

Oh and damn, I don't have anything to read anymore. I just finished Forever Princess which was just amazing, same goes with Breaking Dawn which I finished at weekend. Saturday, actually. I guess I'm going to the library tomorrow and Friday we're having a dinner at city with my mum and sister since it's my mums 50th birthday. Friday 13th, but I hope it's going to be nice day. And Saturday is Valentines day! I guess we could do something with my friend that day. Since I don't have any guy to hang out with that day, ha ha.

But now, I really have to read some words for that test.


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