Feb 16, 2009
I said, "Where've you been?" He said, "Ask anything."
Ugh... I hate Mondays.

Luckily my Mondays start always at 10 am, not 8 am like pretty much every day. Except Tuesday, then I go school at 9 am. Now it's like 7.40 am... And even inside is cold, I heard that there is about -12 C°(10,4 °F) outside. Did I mention I hate winter? And there is not even snow very much, just ice so there is so slippery.

I've been making videos by iMovie almost whole weekend. Well, Saturday we did have my uncle and his wife visiting at us(God, why do they drink wine so much? I know it was my mum's birthday at Friday but still) and after that I went out with my friend. We were walking around her neighbourhood, funny that I haven't really been around there before. There was only -4 °C(24,8 °F) but after like a hour I couldn't feel my fingers anymore so we went to her house. Though I did get some cool photos before that...

Oh and when I was coming home, some old guys who were drunk and live near our house were following me. My sister told me before that they talked to her and said that they've seen her running next to their house pretty much every day and they wanted to sent greetings to our mum. I heard those guys saying stuff like "That girl is younger and smaller than the one who walked by before..." so I totally freaked out when I heard steps behind me. Thank God they didn't follow me to our house so I got home safely. Some freaky guys live around here, ugh... Another reason why I want get out of here, when you walk in the dark streets alone at night you can't be far from freaking out.

Now I should probably go getting ready for school. And I should eat something before that, I did drink already coffee but I can't eat anything very early 'cause then I would be really hungry at school since we don't have lunch until 11.30 am.

Btw, I'm like in love with The Fray's You Found Me, that's actually the song I'm making video for. About One Tree Hill, I'll send it here too when it's ready. I have full idea in my head but I'm gonna have to wait a bit longer since I'm not getting clips to all seasons yet... And iMovie is jamming all the time.


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