Sep 11, 2010
Join the new army...
We're the few, we're the proud, we like to jam it loud. The music we play won't have it any other way. We're armed to the bone with our music and our tone. Recruiting on the street to the sound of our beat.

Yeah we had this thing called "slave day" at school last wednesday. It was all about humiliating the new kids in our school and I think we did quite well. Our theme was of course army. So after lunch we put on our costumes, painted our faces and marched to the hallways to pick up the new kids. There's no messing with us, so if you laughed or even smiled, you bowed us. They also had to do some other pretty humiliating stuff, including an obstacle course, dancing to Alejandro and an "air attack" while marching to the school next to ours. Which of course meant bowing, once again :D

Overall such a lovely day for my class. We had to go through the same humiliating thing last year so it was nice to make others do whatever you wanted them to do.


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