Jun 12, 2011
It's been a long time.
Hello, it's been... 10 months? Wow, time really does go quickly. A lot has changed this year. First of all, I'm living on my own. It's a student apartment so it's cheaper that the other ones. And I live right in the centre of the city, can you believe it?

That picture was taken few weeks ago, when it was raining. It's been a wonderful first week of summer holiday for me, so hot and sunny. My place is a mess right now so pictures from inside are coming later.

I also got a job. It's only a summer job, so I have to get a new one when the summer ends. And I guess it really is all about connections, the guy my mum is dating works on people's gardens for a living. He hired me and I got these four yards I have to weed and plant some new stuff into. I get to decide when I work so that’s great. But none of those places are in the city so I had to buy this expensive bus ticket.


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