Dec 30, 2009
Plaids and Rome, pure perfection?
I've noticed that I just can't stop buying plaid shirts! This is getting weird already. It's like I'm wearing it everyday and if shirt has that pattern, it's perfect. So from now on I've decided to just ignore everything in plaid. If it's checkered, I can't buy it. I'm banned from plaid for now so it wouldn't fill up my closet, haha :D

So instead I'm apparently starting to get keen on purple. Bag, sunglasses, jacket, dress. I haven't actually used that dress ever, bought it last spring. Maybe I could shorten it a bit. Forgot all about it until now.

Now that all those spring clothes are starting to fill up the stores, I'm just starting to remember that hey, I'm going to Rome in less than 5 months! Kinda scary since I've got no-one I know going with me. It's just few girls my age, I guess, a bunch of few years older students and atleast one teacher. But I've tried to get more independent so I guess this is my chance. Wow. Rome. Can't wait!

Junebug, like the Juno.

Felt like watching Juno tonight... Loving the soundtrack.

And yes I know my Macbooks screen is dirty.

Dec 29, 2009
So killing, so dreamy.

Dec 28, 2009
Wasting some money.
Got these things from H&M, coming in mail next year:

And these albums, coming in few days. I'm loving Jet and OneRepublic...

Dec 27, 2009
We're supposed to have bad attitudes.
I'm listening to the mixtape I made today, you can check it out below.

Anyways I love this holiday, I'm feeling so free. Oh and I snapped some pictures of my room... And tomorrow I'm gonna go shopping.

Playing Misfits...
Videos I edited this weekend...

Dec 24, 2009
X-mas eve.

Dec 19, 2009
This is it. This is our time.
So, yes, changed the look. And name. It comes from song Mad World, by Gary Jules. I'm so gonna go to London one day.

And may I just say that Misfits' finale was incredible. Same goes with Nathan's speech...

Oh and Christmas is in less than a week. Doesn't really feel like it, to be honest. Feels like it's March or something, not December. Though it is freaking cold and there is snow outside.

Dec 15, 2009
F*cking beautiful day, again.

Dec 13, 2009
I am driftwood.
I'm feeling really wistful at the moment. I just scrolled through some old photographs that I have on my Mac and I'm also listening some music from few years back. I can't believe how long time ago was, let's say, last winter.

And my style, I could say it was really different even last summer. Check this collage out, I made it in May. Back then I wanted to look like Sienna Miller and Mischa Barton.

Now I'm more... darker. I adore leather jackets and dark colors with a bling.

Dec 9, 2009
No time to think of consequences.

Clock is ticking.
I love it ;>

I miss sleep, I get moody, I'm in thoughts.
I got H1N1 vaccine yesterday and now I've got fever and my hand hurts so much. Great. Well, atleast I didn't have to go to school. Though we do have this "Cristmas porridge party" tonight where I really wanna go to. But if don't feel better before 5 pm, I don't think I can go.

But I got my stuff from Urban Outfitters yesterday! Yay, now I don't have to buy anymore Christmas presents. I think. But gotta make a lot of cards for friends. Should buy some stuff for that. I think gold and all kinds of reds from maroon to scarlet to salmon pink would be cool to use. And some printed paper and a pieces cutted from newspaper... Yeah, that would be cool. Decorated with few sequins.

Now I really wanna make those cards already. If I go to that party, maybe I could stop by at crafts store.

Dec 3, 2009
Frosty and freezing are my hands.

Fucking brilliant weather today. Everything has been covered with this pretty frost for last few days and sun was shining today, too. That view from the window was awesome during chemistry class, sun was rising behind all that fog... But of course I couldn't take pictures 'cause I didn't have my camera with me. Why is it that everything is always so pretty when you are stuck in the school? Yesterday it was dark when I got into school and same thing when I left there. I only catched a glimpse of blue sky from the window.

Anyways, I couldn't keep smile of my face when I was walking home from the bus stop today. It was beautiful outside the city, too. Plus our Swedish teacher wasn't at school so I left at 11:15 AM.