Jan 31, 2009
In the cold light of day.
My flu is getting worse and worse... All I can do is stay inside and enjoy of my mint chocolate cocoa(which is really sweet) and listen to music. Outside is sunny but there is -12 C°(10,4 F°) so I'm not even thinking about getting outside. Even if I wouldn't be sick.

Now, I'm dying to read something but I'm still waiting for Meg Cabot's Forever Princess and Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn coming in mail. Come on, I ordered them already... 5 days ago. Um... patience, anyone? And yeah, I DO know that I should be focusing on school. But I can't help it, I need something good to read. And I have to admit, books are so much better as original than turned into Finnish. But apparently there isn't so many books in English at our nearest library...

But where did the time go? Just few seconds ago it was 11 am and now it's almost 3 pm... Maybe I should be doing something creative instead of hanging out on my Mac. So I'm gonna go, maybe to do some homework, no? Or reading English perhaps, we have test on Tuesday. But come on, English is pretty easy.

Pictures of the book covers are from Amazon.com

Jan 26, 2009
I won’t let go of you once, I promise.
So I wrote before in Finnish, but I have wanted to write somewhere in English for a long time. So here we go... I've been actually reading a lot lately - I can't help it, Stephenie Meyer's books just are so amazing and I'm hooked. Really. I haven't been even painting/drawing for weeks - that's kinda weird, considering the fact that I should be working on this birthdaycard for this one girl at my mum's day care center. Yeah, she's a nanny and she lured me to do cards for the kids :D Oh and of course I should be practicing for the boards of this one upper secondary school. Watercolors, mainly. But I guess I have whole spring time to do that.

Me and my friends had really funny time few days ago when we were skiing. I really suck at that and they got to laugh hard. But I laughed too, it was funny when I crashed so many times to the ground. But guess what's not so funny? Blisters in my both ankles. Those skiing shoes were just killing me.

Right now I'm kinda sick, my throat hurts and I've headache. So I didn't go to school today, I hope I get to be there tomorrow 'cause we have art and I don't wanna skip that. And my new shoes are killing me too, though I wore those sunday when I stopped at store. I guess my feet can't deal with even a tiny heels right away.

So I'm gonna write back here soon.