May 30, 2010
Cupid's arrow is just for you.

I'm thinking about trying to make a post atleast every Sunday. Lately I haven't been posting too much, life has been hectic. But less than a week until summer holiday, which means... Free time!

Last week was pretty cool. Though the weather was horrible and I screwed up in school. But on Friday we went to the shopping centre with few friends. I got few cool things and noticed that you can get italian ice cream in there! Of course I got the lemon one - I've been drooling over it everytime I've returned from abroad. You can get it in Stockholm, in Rome... but not in Finland. Or that's what I thought.

I've been too lazy to photograph the stuff I got from Rome... But I did find few of them online. So here's what I got. Though the plaid shirt is from Finland, bought it on Friday. It has got to be my favorite plaid shirt ever!

May 24, 2010
If I say I love you, will you hold it against me?

Oh how much I love those two... Damn you Mark Schwahn for writing them out of the show.

Feeling... dreamy.

May 23, 2010
Rome, Rome, Rome, what is it good for? Absolutely everything.
Cheers for Effy from Skins. I'm getting season 3 and 4 on dvd next week. Anyways, I was in Rome last week. Here's what I experienced:

Flying first time ever on airplane - check.
400 tourist pictures - check.
Sweaty undergrounds - check.

Plenty of sightseeing - check.
I <3 NY ROME -shirt - check.
Disgusting Italian guys - check.
Hot Italian guys (including the guy in our hotel reception) - check.

Being reminded of Lordi in the Eurovision (You are from Finland, huh? *plays air guitar* Eurovision, Eurovision, Loooordiii!) - check.
Walking atleast 20 kilometres per day - check.
Listening to Italian MTV and because of that having Shakira's Gypsy stuck in my head - check.
Eating pizza - check.

Spending all my money on clothes - check.
Eating Italian ice cream (I love lemon) - check check check.
Getting lost on Italian airport - check.
Spotting a guy from Finnish Big Brother twice on you airplain - check.
Spotting a girl from Finnish Idols on Italian airport - check.

Starting to act like Italians and running to red lights all the time - check.
Realizing that scooters are big deal in Italy - check.
Getting a genuine Vespa bag - check.
Buying pasta and booze for souvenir - check.

Having great time and getting awesome memories - check!

May 16, 2010
Can't you feel the shifting of the stale air?

Had a wonderful Friday - it's really hot in here, I went to see Kick-Ass and hanged out near the chaussure, watching sunset and stuff. So wonderful day. And yesterday too - it's funny how warm weather can change things. But now I'm off to packing - heading to the bus-station in the night, then to airport and soon I'll be in Rome!

May 8, 2010
Macadamia resolves it.

Finally I made myself buy Ben & Jerry's ice cream, I've been supposed to do that ages ago. Gotta admit, they are yummy. Even though that's not the flavor I wanted in the first place, but I'm gonna taste others later.

I also took few shots outside and made myself finish almost all of my works for photographing class. One of the tasks was to photograph by using only a scanner and different materials. This is what I came up with:

I really like them. Now I'm gonna stop stressing for a second, go eat the rest of that ice cream while reading Forever Princess and then go to bed. Gotta do stuff for Finnish class tomorrow, make a Mother's Day card for my grandma and go to a gig in the night.

May 4, 2010
How the duck ducked in.

Hey, you guys! You know what? It's May! It's freaking spring in here, finally. My May Day went just like everyone's elses around here. At the park next to the chaussure, spotting familiar faces in the crowd, hanging out with friends and drinking. I most definitely did talk too much about one certain person but enough about that.

I just chose my classes for next year and also decided what I'm gonna write at the baccalaureate in two years. Swedish, English and History. And Finnish of course, it's compulsory for everyone.

But I'm off to do some school stuff, good night!