Nov 29, 2009
Long live after the rain.

Depressing day. Just watched latest Desperate Housewives episode again, now is going Grey's Anatomy and after that One Tree Hill. I'm extremely bored.

Nov 28, 2009
Love, Reign O'er Me
There is some stuff coming in mail next week:1. ring, H&M 5€
2. purse, H&M 4€
3. Soapstar photoframe, Urban Outfitters 19€
4. blanket, H&M 25€
5. keychain flask, Urban Outfitters 10€
6. opening watch necklace, Urban Outfitters 34€
7. men's t-shirt, Urban Outfitters 35€

Plus few christmas presents for my friend and sister from Urban Outfitters ;)

Nov 25, 2009
One foggy day.

Nov 23, 2009
There's a possibility, a possibility I do something I shouldn't do.

So. Been a while, huh?

Last Saturday I went to see New Moon and loved it. And I'm so in love with that soundtrack... :D Can't stop listening it.

I just found this awesome show, Misfits. Only 6 episodes have been made, total, so that sucks. It's like completely it's own show, though it may remind both Skins and Heroes. Awesome, I could say.

But I've gotta go now. Again. Spent today by fooling around with my sister and I've got history exam tomorrow and Spanish exam on Wednesday. No hablo español mucho todavía... Or something.

Nov 13, 2009
Iron me on.
Something I'd like to have. It would be so cool to pimp some blank t-shirts and bags with these!

Plus I've just gotten into Mike Perrys graphics. Awesome, I could say. Check these ones out and more from his website:

Nov 10, 2009
Squirrel says hi.

Trick of the light.
It's freezing again...

Nov 7, 2009
It's like the first snow.

Yep, winter is pretty much here.

Nov 3, 2009
Asos is adorable.
Finally, oh finally I got to order something from ASOS. It took me forever to decide what I'd like to have but I chose these five items. First, that pale babydoll top was just too adorable. LBD I chose is a bit edgier. And The Who t-shirt... Something I've been searching forever. It's mens but I'm planning to sew it into a top.

Then those jewelleries. That abundant necklace with pearls and chains is a dream come true. Seriously. And same goes with that ring.