Mar 29, 2009
Natural disaster.
Sundays. I love them, but today is full of stuff I have to do. Read a book, finish a presentation about human rights and that work for comic course. That optional subject is done by me but some of my works are so undone.

But hey, here's the pics. I love that coat and hoodie! And they were so cheap, I love all Crocker's clothes and you have no idea how happy I was when that hoodie costed 15 € instead of 50 € and that coat 24 € instead of 80 €!

I added a music player here btw, easier to share my favorite music with you than through some Youtube links... And if there isn't some of my fave songs at Deezer, I can download them from my own computer! Yay. Now I'm in love with Plain White T's album Big Bad World, I've got to find that somewhere.


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