Mar 10, 2009
Little white shadows blink and miss them, part of a system, I am...
Finland is the coolest place to live. Literally. There was freaking blizzard outside earlier. And I just came from ice-hockey game, my toes are still freezing. And I'm trembling.

Damn, that game was just so sad. It was exciting as hell but we lost it 2-3 in overtime. So that means my favorite team is going on summer holiday, no more games this season. You should have seen the players, especially the goalkeeper was pretty broken.

Guess what I want now? Some hot chocolate. And not just because I'm so hooked on it. My feet are still as cold as ice. So here we go, I'm gonna find my woolen stockings first and then make some hot chocolate while reading Harry Potter - Order Of The Phoenix. I've read that and all the other books like billion times but right now I just feel like "Potter-time" :D


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