Mar 6, 2009
She's so strange.
This week doesn't suck anymore ;) Oh yeah, exams for physics' and Swedish went pretty awfully but that's fine - I knew it, why do they put worst exams pretty much for the same weeks? Before holiday there was math test(between 4-10 I got 7- which was actually pretty good, mean was 6,9 at our class), Thursday Swedish and today physics. And yeah, we do have school tomorrow. Something that's called "Pothole Festival", cafeteria is full of tables from some schools and businesses(basically they're ment to tell us about vocational selections, summer jobs etc.). And there's some bands, fashion show made by our handcraft groups and lotteries. You can win something between bread, t-shirt and mobile phone, haha. I'll take my pretty messed up camera with me, you'll see some "artistic" pics tomorrow, haha!

So I'm gonna have to go there and when it's over(1pm?) I'm gonna go SHOPPING. What I'm looking for is a denim vest and some cute little purse with long strap. These ones in the below are from H&M. I'm also gonna see if I find some t-shirts. Large v-neck would be cool, some top under it and I'd totally wear it. I might put these shoes(not the exact design, mine are little darker, reddish, and the heels are little higher) first time to school tomorrow, I'm not very balanced with even tiny heels so I've weared these only outside the school few times. But I guess I've now learned to deal with the slippery sole, so... Though it was pretty bad choice to buy those at winter since they're really dodgy when there's snow on the ground. And there's nothing else but snow now...


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