Mar 17, 2009
Where it's so white as snow...
Oh god, I though yesterday that "Yay, only few months and it's summer!"

When I looked outside this morning, I gagged. More snow?? Jeez, must be atleast 4 inches.
But luckily it's already melting way!

But that snow made me write. Yeah, inspiration, nice to meet you finally! The story is about Liv who losts someone important and she reminisces moments she had. So the story is mostly in the flashbacks, but in the end I'm trying to tie the past with the present time. We'll see how that works out. I'm writing in English, it's somehow easier than in Finnish... I score more in that way.

Oh my gosh, I just heard that next week on Tuesday there's Finnish exam, on Wednesday math exam and on Thursday economics competition(exam, but it's same to everyone in Finland and who scores best gets an award)! And the day after tomorrow there is exam in biology. Damn.


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