Apr 8, 2009
No pigeons.

So we didn't won that contest but I did get an award since they liked our egg. Chocolate, good thing that I love it :) I don't have heart to break that egg I made even though it does have chocolate inside it too.

Our Easter holiday started today, day early since we had that one school day at Saturday.

At creative writing we had to absorb identity of some writer we inveted. Then we wrote an extract from that writers imaginary book. My book was called My blue eyes since my writer only wore blue. When the teacher heard my extract, she joked that looked like my writer, Aulis Harppi(harppi means a pair of compasses), used some meds :D Read yourself:

It was a pigeon. Looked quite blue. For some reason everything always looks blue.

Pigeon stared in front of him. Suddenly his eyes almost popped out of their orbits. Head pulled back and his wan legs started to loose their length.

Shortly in front of me was grey seal, covered with dusty feathers. He sounded like foghorn and glanced me, eyes sharp as a carrot.

Then there was a pop and he was gone. Pigeon.

I guess she was right, haha. But best extract was deliberate clone made from Twilight. Writer named it Koukutus(hooked) as our real translation for that book is Houkutus(temptation). There was Finnish contortions made from names, like Bella - Ella, Jacob - Jaakko and Edward - Eetu. That was funniest ever!


Blogger Marco said...

Hello! :)

I happened to notice your blog and I really like it. It's very stylish and your are so talented for your young age.

Keep up the good work and most of all don't lose your interest in arts! :D

Blogger Milla said...

Thanks, I'm actually hoping I get to this one arts-oriented school next autumn :)

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