Apr 5, 2009
I love Faber-Castell.
I just noticed that I don't have any watercolor pencils(or color pencils at all), brushes or anything... Well I do have some old brushes but they're pretty dead by now. Noticed that when I was painting that Easter egg. I haven't finished it yeat btw, some of it is still wet so I'm waiting it to dry and then I can continue it.

So where was I? Oh yeah, I would love to try using some ink too. We tried that at school, we made these comic strips and took copies of them. Then we tried different technics on them. There was different shades made with ink and water, markers, rasters etc. I can scan that work in few months, when we get them from school... When it ends.

So my shopping list right now:

  • watercolor pencils
  • ink
  • brushes
  • some good pad
  • few black markers (atleast 0,1 mm?)

Plus I'm searching that perfect demin skirt somewhere... I hope I have enough money. Ough, I forgot, I need new watercolors and some cup for water to use next month. Since there is boards to that one school...


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