Apr 28, 2009
Bees are killing me...
Ok, I admit, I'm so freaking tired again. I'm gonna go to sleep right after Grey's Anatomy.

But hey, I wanna have those shoes... Love it. And we have only short day at school tomorrow and then... May Day aka Vappu, yay! Not sure what were gonna do, maybe just hang out with my friend and eat many funnel cakes and doughnuts. Long liquorices are also that 'thing', but I'm not sure if they sell them around here. And we're not really planning to go to the city since there is gonna be such a chaos. I know, I was there last year. You can't really walk there, it's so full of people and most of them are drunk. Not great place to be if you're one of those few who are not drunk.

Today was awful day, I was so tired, angsty and bored. I mean, who really loves days that have 8 hours of studying? But atleast new Cosmopolitan came and I got Twilight back from my friend. Haven't read it in a while...


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