Dec 9, 2009
I miss sleep, I get moody, I'm in thoughts.
I got H1N1 vaccine yesterday and now I've got fever and my hand hurts so much. Great. Well, atleast I didn't have to go to school. Though we do have this "Cristmas porridge party" tonight where I really wanna go to. But if don't feel better before 5 pm, I don't think I can go.

But I got my stuff from Urban Outfitters yesterday! Yay, now I don't have to buy anymore Christmas presents. I think. But gotta make a lot of cards for friends. Should buy some stuff for that. I think gold and all kinds of reds from maroon to scarlet to salmon pink would be cool to use. And some printed paper and a pieces cutted from newspaper... Yeah, that would be cool. Decorated with few sequins.

Now I really wanna make those cards already. If I go to that party, maybe I could stop by at crafts store.


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