Dec 30, 2009
Plaids and Rome, pure perfection?
I've noticed that I just can't stop buying plaid shirts! This is getting weird already. It's like I'm wearing it everyday and if shirt has that pattern, it's perfect. So from now on I've decided to just ignore everything in plaid. If it's checkered, I can't buy it. I'm banned from plaid for now so it wouldn't fill up my closet, haha :D

So instead I'm apparently starting to get keen on purple. Bag, sunglasses, jacket, dress. I haven't actually used that dress ever, bought it last spring. Maybe I could shorten it a bit. Forgot all about it until now.

Now that all those spring clothes are starting to fill up the stores, I'm just starting to remember that hey, I'm going to Rome in less than 5 months! Kinda scary since I've got no-one I know going with me. It's just few girls my age, I guess, a bunch of few years older students and atleast one teacher. But I've tried to get more independent so I guess this is my chance. Wow. Rome. Can't wait!


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