May 30, 2010
Cupid's arrow is just for you.

I'm thinking about trying to make a post atleast every Sunday. Lately I haven't been posting too much, life has been hectic. But less than a week until summer holiday, which means... Free time!

Last week was pretty cool. Though the weather was horrible and I screwed up in school. But on Friday we went to the shopping centre with few friends. I got few cool things and noticed that you can get italian ice cream in there! Of course I got the lemon one - I've been drooling over it everytime I've returned from abroad. You can get it in Stockholm, in Rome... but not in Finland. Or that's what I thought.

I've been too lazy to photograph the stuff I got from Rome... But I did find few of them online. So here's what I got. Though the plaid shirt is from Finland, bought it on Friday. It has got to be my favorite plaid shirt ever!


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