May 23, 2010
Rome, Rome, Rome, what is it good for? Absolutely everything.
Cheers for Effy from Skins. I'm getting season 3 and 4 on dvd next week. Anyways, I was in Rome last week. Here's what I experienced:

Flying first time ever on airplane - check.
400 tourist pictures - check.
Sweaty undergrounds - check.

Plenty of sightseeing - check.
I <3 NY ROME -shirt - check.
Disgusting Italian guys - check.
Hot Italian guys (including the guy in our hotel reception) - check.

Being reminded of Lordi in the Eurovision (You are from Finland, huh? *plays air guitar* Eurovision, Eurovision, Loooordiii!) - check.
Walking atleast 20 kilometres per day - check.
Listening to Italian MTV and because of that having Shakira's Gypsy stuck in my head - check.
Eating pizza - check.

Spending all my money on clothes - check.
Eating Italian ice cream (I love lemon) - check check check.
Getting lost on Italian airport - check.
Spotting a guy from Finnish Big Brother twice on you airplain - check.
Spotting a girl from Finnish Idols on Italian airport - check.

Starting to act like Italians and running to red lights all the time - check.
Realizing that scooters are big deal in Italy - check.
Getting a genuine Vespa bag - check.
Buying pasta and booze for souvenir - check.

Having great time and getting awesome memories - check!


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