Jun 20, 2010
Walking with a love, with a love that's all so fine.
Cat Stevens - Here Comes My Baby. Though lately I've really been listening to this cover by Sons Of Admirals:

I love those cute guys, haha. Now it's another dull Sunday morning.

I kinda plastered my wall with cool pictures and my drawings. Well, half of it. I don't have enough photos yet! Gotta start drawing some.


Blogger ARLA AABBA said...

sulla on tosi kiva blogi :-) ihania kuvia ja tosi söpö ulkoasu!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love your blog ^^ How did you do that lovely "layout" (or what's the right word... Well you know)?

Blogger Milla said...

Kiitti Arla :) Anonymous, I found a tutorial from one site but I don't think you'll find it helpful because it's only in Finnish :s

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