Jun 17, 2010
I like vanilla, it's the finest of the flavours.
No, I actually don't like vanilla as a flavour. I think it's quite boring and for example in ice cream flavours I love everything that's tangy and different. Like lemon, my all-time favorite. But the reason I picked that title... I love vanilla-coloured clothes and besides, One Week by Barenaked Ladies is pretty awesome song, don't you think?
How come every summer I fall in love with natural colours all over agan? And in the winter I like everything in dark shades. But anyhoo, these are the things I adore at the moment.

Jacket, hat and dark grey top with golden details are from H&M. Nude dress, both bracelets and necklaces are from ASOS and the boots are from Ellos. I actually ordered everything in the collage except the jewellery and that dark top. I decided I already have enough jewellery and tops, ha. I know what you are thinking, who buys boots and a jacket in the summer? Well, Finland's summer can get quite cold at times. So that jacket was needed, I realised that all my jackets are quite thick and dark. So they can actually be pretty hot during chilly summer nights. And the boots... Well, I ordered them for the autumn before they were selled out. I know I would have regretted later, my only brown boots have thick lining inside so you can only use them when it's really cold outside.


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