Sep 25, 2009
Headache makes me almost sing.
Guess what? I'm sick. Again. I have an exam week going on, should be reading English but I'm not really in the mood. Plus I've got headache. So what do I do? Drink tea, read Allure, paint by watercolors, make keychains... I really love doing stuff with my hands. Making keychains is therapeutic. I take apart old earrings, necklaces, use some random pearls etc.

Right now I'm trying to find a red wool coat for winter. Bright red. Though I'm short of money. And I should buy some books for next period, starting in a week... Have I mentioned that I'm starting Spanish? And there's a trip from school to Rome next spring. They count that trip as one course, so I'm totally going. It costs 700 euros but sure is worth it!

I'm thinking about taking some pictures outside tomorrow, if I'm feeling better. Now I'll go and watch some Survivors.


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