Sep 4, 2009
And the Earth spins round, the souls making sounds.

I've pretty much bought only jewellery from Lindex. But lately I've been taking a look at the clothes too and I have to say that I love that ethnic style. Similar with Indiska, except Indiska is pretty much all Indian style.

Some cool cloth bag would be needed. I personally don't really like black leather bags, I don't know why. I prefer brown and it doesn't look too good with black shoes. So I was thinking that cloth bag could work. I have one from The Body Shop but it has some print in pink and green and the handles are also green so it doesn't work with all clothes. I love that one with the tree and Earth :)

If I should describe my style, I would say that it is a mixture of romantic and ethnic with a hue of rock and "cowboy" every once in a while. But it depends from my mood.


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