Sep 15, 2009
And maybe it's the time of year.
Wasn't it just so nice, sketching to my notebook outside. With one of my new friends next to me, sun was shining, colorful leaves were floating in the air and I thought... My love, autumn, was finally here.

Sorry. Corny, maybe? Hah. Anyway.

I turned sixteen today. Like my friend said: "Only two years until you can drive a car and officially go to bar!"

Didn't do much today though, we only watched Taking Woodstock with my friend. Hippy movie, but pretty great. I saw a trailer of The Lovely Bones before the movie began and I'm so gonna go seeing that movie. Sad thing is that it doesn't air in here until February. I ordered that book to get into the story, it should come in 2-5 days.


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