Sep 4, 2009
You're gonna need those boots.
Weather has been, well, rainy today. But I don't want to talk about weather!

Got out of school at twelve today, like every Friday, Tuesday and Thursday. So I went for a little round in the town. What I had in mind was simple powder pink shirt. Well. Not what I got, actually.

Visited H&M, you remember that pink ruffle top few posts ago? Well I bought it and few jewellery. I love that bracelet. And that necklace may not be really my style but it was just so pretty. Plus it has long chain.

But back to that top. I ordered it earlier from internet, too, and since it was meant to come after few weeks... Well, I thought I could buy it now and take back my order online. But it's not that easy apparently, they had JUST started packing it so I can't cancel my order anymore. And I ripped of the price tag already from that another top. So soon I'm gonna have two same tops. Dunno what I'm gonna do. If someone I know wants to buy it, it would be great. But if that doesn't happen, then I guess I'm gonna have to mail it back.

Why does everything always have to be so hard?

I also walked into SpiritStore, around the corner and there they were: those black boots I saw few weeks ago in a magazine. Got 6 euros of the prize thanks to my new studentcard(I know, it's not significant discount but still) and so they cost 53 euros. They remind a bit biker boots.


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