May 10, 2009
So you think it's as true as a cake?
Looks like I've dreamt a lot about people I know but haven't met in a while, lately. Like few days ago, in my dream I was walking in a road that was really long. This one guy who once gave me and my sister a ride with his microcar drove past me few times, looking at me. Then he stopped and asked if I needed a ride. I said yes, I was going to the cinema. I'm not sure about the ending of this dream but there was something like this: I met my friend at the cinema and we bought tickets. Then that guy who gave me ride and his friend asked if they could have our tickets. We agreed and they gave us some tickets in the trade. Then we saw few girls from our class that we hate and we hided behind the sales desk. Then - well, I woke up.

I'm thinking that this guy came to my dream 'cause I saw him few days ago in our school and he doesn't really go there anymore. And he drove past me with his microcar, so...

Last night I dreamt again. This time it was beautiful summer night at our house and we were having some kind of family party. Almost everyone was outside but in the kitchen was few: me, my mum, her friend(let's call her J), her friend's son(M) and someone who I can't remember. M brought a caramel cake that they had made. But it was all slope and there wasn't almost any caramel. Then he started to fix it and spilled over it a lot of whipped cream and berries. Soon it didn't even look like a cake anymore. Meanwhile my mum was arguing with J, they made a cake together too but my mum blamed J 'cause it was too slumpy. In the end everything turned to be ok and both cakes were fine :D

I think those cakes came to my dream 'cause today is a Mothers Day and we're having caramel cake, suprise. And we're gonna go seeing some relatives today. After that I'm gonna have to read physics, make a "Tourist tour in Finland" -paper and learn some Finnish lakes, rivers and such.


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