Apr 28, 2010
Sunhouse and inner courts.
I thought I'd post few pictures from today and tell you about them...

It's called the Sunhouse - because it's bright yellow! I heard today that it used to be a bakery. Many, many years ago when all the other houses were still made of wood. You know why this one wasn't? Well, incase you haven't heard, wood burns easily. Haha. So of course there was no point to build a bakery out of wood since it was a building that was most likely to burn down.

I spent my entire morning photographing the city - centre and Tammela, mostly. I saw the way window was reflecting from this sign and snapped a picture of it.

I figured out what my theme for the photographing task is. "Tampere falling into decay." I decided to photograph graffitis, walls plastered with cool posters, buildings with paint peeling off... Stuff like that. And I think this McDonald's cup stuffed into fence looked pretty interesting so I chose this one too.

My afternoon was spent in the city, too. I was having an architecture class and we were walking around the neighbourhood near our school - Tammela and Armonkallio. I really liked the houses in Armonkallio. They were built in the end of the 19th century and there was really cute inner courts which reminded me a bit of France, Italy and Spain.


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