Apr 16, 2010
Ash destroyed our wings.
I wanna cry, I've never been on a plane before and this one time when I could have actually flied somewhere... Volcano explosion! One that could last days, weeks, months, years... Which means that we're pretty much screwed. And the trip to Rome, which I've been waiting for these past 6 months, could be cancelled for good. They haven't said anything to us yet but I'm pretty sure they're gonna text soon from the school. Saying: "Sorry that you paid almost 800 euros, we're not getting anywhere. Blame the ash."

Seriously, this ruined my spring. I just want to scream, I've never been anywhere besides Stockholm and Tallinn and was really looking forward to this trip.

I just realised that last fall, winter and this spring has went really badly. When you think about it, there's been so much nature disasters that I can't even remember all of them, Haiti, Chile etc. There's also been so freaking many strikes in Finland. Buses, groceries, stores, guards... And because of this cold winter, trains were really late pretty much always. Not to mention swine flu, the recession... And this volcano-thing, of course.


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