Oct 13, 2009
Running away from this world...
Last night I had one of those creepy dreams. That gives you traumas. If it is even possible to get traumas from your own dreams?

I was told that I should run as far as I could go. So I ran, and a mass of people followed me. I ran all the way to our neighbourhood. Here I ran through fields and tried to get to that one forest that is in the end of our road. But there was a Japanese exchance-student from our school who wouldn't let me go there. So I ran to our house and climbed on top of the white, high fence. There was two boys who had ran away too. At some point I slipped down from the fence since I knew I was dead. I went inside and tried to go to Facebook(I know, weird?). But it wasn't in correct "wavelenght" and then I realised that I couldn't use anything or do anything on Earth since I was dead. And I was trapped here forever. Then I thought "I always knew I would die young..."

Then I woke up. Pretty distressing dream. And one hour ago outside looked exactly like in my dream. Grey and spooky. And THAT is creepy. Good thing that sky is now turning blue.


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