Aug 25, 2009
I feel like poem girl.

Hah, so funny. Earlier this week I ran around our small town and didn't get on time even one of those three busses... Typical me. And I've already fed up with classes that last now 75 minutes. It's like they never end. Especially physics and math.

I've fallen in love with natural colors like powder pink, brown and cream in clothes. They're just so adorable. I'm gonna need some cute beret. Pink would me cute. I saw some pretty ones in H&M's website, also beautiful pair of flower ballerinas. And new plaid shirt with powder pink ruffle top too... As you see above.

And why there are shoe stores full of cutest brown boots ever when I haven't seen any pretty ones in years? But of course they show up now that I already have few pairs. Well one more couldn't hurt, right? I have ankle boots and longer ones that are suede. Long brown leather boots would be needed. I already have one pair in black, got them from my mother.

Right now I'm starting weekend by making pizza, gonna be yummy. But I'm so annoyed, my sister has taken our newest Cosmo and Demi to her work so I can't show you some cool pics I saw there. Well, later then.

Gonna go take the first pizza out of the oven now.


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