Aug 18, 2009
Boring news?
I'm making my timetable for next period...

It's been all mad this past week, school started, I had some crazy night last Saturday and I'm tired all the time. I'm not used to waking up at 6 am. I pratically sleep until 11 am in the school. Not too great.

They give us so much homework, I made my physics, math and English homeworks earlier(including "My language profile") and I think that I should sketch something for tomorrow's class of visual arts. We're making something out of clay, I think.

And on Thursday everyone on first class of high school(or upper secondary school, whatever it's called) is going to the Viikinsaari, one island that is in the same town as my school. Dunno what's gonna happen there. Huh.

And I should probably try to get my bus card and student card at some point.

Sorry that I've just been writing stuff that you're not probably even interested hearing about but right now school is pretty much all I can talk about :D Takes big part of my life.


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