May 27, 2009
You painted me in pastel, colors that don’t tell of any boldness.

Crazy day. And kind of boring, too. Since we had Amnesty International's lecture and ice hockey tournament. With Xbox 360, of course. Almost everyone was wearing pajamas, me too. Had these cute, pink, bunny-slippers. I guess I told you about those?

In afternoon I got to enjoy about new Cosmo, cup of coffee and few mint/chocolate candys. Sweet. And it was winding like never before... Then came the rain.

I guess we should wash our windows sometimes? Anyway, tomorrow we should be wearing our "hobby". Guess what I'm gonna put on? Big paintbrush as a necklace, few paintspots on my face and two smaller brushes poked to my messy topknot. You know, in a Chinese style? And black clothes and a beret, of course. You have already guessed my hobby, no? I thought just a camera hanging from my neck would be too boring and I'm not really into dragging some shopping bags with me, wearing t-shirt that says "I've got black belt in shopping. Don't you dare to challenge me..." Huh.

And I already picked clothes for Friday... Dark and angsty ones, haha.


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