May 21, 2009
Where did you sleep last night?
I've been really tired past week so I haven't written anything wise lately. Sorry about that... Today is holiday so after 12 hours of sleep I finally have time.

How can you fall in love with a pair of shoes so badly? After work I did go shopping yesterday, hoping to find a dress to the spring festival. And I did, so cute... White and lacy.
But the shoes are the ones I love more than anything... So freaking cute! And they don't even kill my feet so much. Yet.

And I guess I really am in love with Father And Son by Cat Stevens. It has become the most played song in my iTunes in few weeks. But now I'm listening Nirvana's Best Of. Love it! It's been another rainy day, though sun is starting to shine a bit now. But I'm still thinking that I could try this thing I read from a magazine earlier today: put my iTunes to shuffle and pick one word or sentence from each song. Then I'm gonna draw it to paper.

And you have no idea how happy I got when I noticed that there was small story about Tom Sturridge in that same magazine! Perfect.

Oh and how could I forget! One Tree Hill's season finale was so happy and beginning of it was so sad. From my pow it was one of the best episodes ever. And that music was amazing, I had to had War Sweater by Wakey!Wakey! and Can't You See by Marshall Tucker Band to my iPod. Dramatic and happy, hand in hand. I can't really see where they're going in season 7 without 2 of the main characters and I'm probably not gonna watch it to find out. Last episode could have been the perfect ending for the show.


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