May 14, 2009
The end comes closer and closer.
I finished my portfolio for drawing. Now there isn't anything to do in the school anymore... I mean, really. We're taking pictures every once in a while and they show them to the entire school in the last week. And all we do in the classes is watch videos. Next week we have work practice program so I don't have school then. Instead, I'm in this one general store since everything else was full. Only four days though, Thursday is free.

In the last week we're also gonna wear funny costumes(9th grade only):
Monday: celebrity or fictional character
Tuesday: opposite gender's clothes
Wednesday: pajamas
Thursday: clothing from some hobby
Friday: everyone has clothes that are same style with their own class

And Saturday is the last day, short spring festival and we get our diplomas. Finally. It sure is sad that I'm most likely never gonna see these people again but relief at the same time. If you would meet my class, you would understand... Full of freaks, pretty much. Our team spirit is lowest in the entire school.


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